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Register now for the Vendor Training Program!

The Vendor Training Program consists of nine one-hour webinars, each intended to address a different critical topic of your Multiple Awards Schedule contract. Webinars are hosted live every other week, starting January 7th. Although designed with newer MAS vendors in mind, the foundational topics covered are universal for all, no matter your level of experience. 


The Vendor Training Program will cover sales tracking, scope of contract, trade agreements act, pricing, delivery, and others, all designed to help ensure your success as you navigate the federal marketplace. GSA subject matter experts will guide you through the most common contractual topics using plain language and real world examples. Choose the topic you want - or register for them all! 


**We’ve added two new courses - “Basis of Award” and “Marketing Your MAS Contract”! Check out the link below to register!** 


Date: Begins January 7th, then every two weeks afterwards


Register Today: https://meet.gsa.gov/admin/show-event-catalog?folder-id=166704971&OWASP_CSRFTOKEN=99e3ddb88778041f81e03cae5bf42a76346228ef622cbd83444aff4ba4e6a269


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