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Refresher Training Update

The MSO is pleased to announce that a record 750 Registrars and Activators attended the April Refresher Training. According to a poll conducted in the training webinar, half of the respondents were attending their first ever Refresher Training, and a third were attending for the first time in a while. We look forward to continuing to provide important updates and information to an expanded audience going forward.

The boost in attendance follows the addition of all Activators and Registrars from participating agencies to the Refresher Training Distribution list. We encourage customer agencies to ensure that any new Registrars and Activators also join the distro list. This can be done by emailing the HSDP-12 Helpdesk at hspd12@gsa.gov or by subscribing at public.govdelivery.com/accounts/USGSA/subscriber/new?topic_id=USGSA_617.

To accommodate the higher level of attendance, the MSO was required to upgrade the webinar capabilities. As a result, we are changing the meeting time and URL effective May 11. Training remains on the second Thursday of every month. The time is now 3-4pm Eastern. The new URL is meet.gsa.gov/refreshertraining. This has also been communicated through the Refresher Training Distribution list.


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