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Re-issue Not Required for Expired Certificates, Lost or Stolen Cards

Release 10.1 included CR 8511 – Do not require reissuance for expired certificates. With this change, when the certificates on an applicant’s credential expire, the USAccess system no longer requires re-enrollment for the applicant to renew the certificates on the credential.

We also want to clarify that lost and stolen cards do not require reenrollment/re-issuance. As of Release 9.8 in November 2015, the Card Action Wizard recommends the lost/stolen card Applicant for a re-print, which does not require re-enrollment.

The following reasons still have a minimum card action set to re-issue if selected in the Card Action Wizard:

  • Biometric Update
  • Credential Expired
  • Employment Lapse
  • Invalid Documents

Note: Data Update would also trigger a reissue if one of the following data elements must change:

  • FirstName
  • MiddleName
  • LastName
  • EmploymentStatusCode

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