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Happy Holidays, everyone!  

One of the questions I am most frequently asked involves on-ramps for OASIS and/or OASIS SB.  This is hardly surprising, considering both the buzz among customers about these contracts and the positive press coverage we have been fortunate enough to receive.  Because I’m getting so many questions about on-ramps, I thought a blog post would be a good way to give you some insights into our thoughts and plans on this issue. .  

As you probably know, the OASIS contracts contain provisions allowing GSA to execute on-ramps, which add new industry partners to the competitive pools.  These can be done by Pool or Sub-Pool on each contract.  We included on-ramps in the contracts to ensure that we maintain a healthy competitive environment.  We made approximately 40 awards in each competitive Pool because we believe that this will result in approximately 3 to5 bids per task order.. That’s a healthy level of competition which will ensure innovation and competitive pricing without overwhelming contracting officers.  As OASIS and OASIS SB mature and increasing numbers of task orders are issued and awarded, we will be monitoring the numbers of bids received.  If we do not achieve the desired level of competition, we will execute on-ramps to refresh the group of industry partners in a particular Pool.  We fully expect to execute on-ramps as the initial contract period expires in 2019 and many of our successful OASIS SB small businesses are positioned to migrate to the OASIS contract.  

When we decide to execute an on-ramp, we will advertise it on the FedBizOpps website (www.fbo.gov) to ensure that all potential offerors are aware of the opportunity. We will also use this Interact site to announce on-ramps, so stay tuned here as well.  At this point in time, we are not ready to announce any specific on-ramps.  




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