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Q&A with Roger Waldron, President, The Coalition for Government Procurement (CGP Spring Conference - April 26, 2012)

4.26.12 The Coalition for Government Procurement – Guest Speaker - Jim Ghiloni, OASIS Program Mgr

Moderator: Roger Waldron, President, The Coalition for Government Procurement

RW: Greetings & Introduction

JG: PEO for OASIS contract…was called Integrations and is now known as OASIS.

Brief Background:

GSA has been running the Schedules Program for a number of years and seen continual increases in services acquisitions and constant changes in how agencies are looking to buy services

OASIS is for complex professional services, so please let me frame how the term complex is used. Complex identifies that requirements cross multiple level of services – Professional Engineering Services, Logistics, Finance, Business, and Management Consulting Services and it often will have some element of IT; Commercial and Non-commercial Items

OASIS is designed to leverage the Government’s buying power

The transactional data will capture business intelligence –aggregate near-real time information on what has been spent for future planning, crafting management decisions, to develop accurate IGCEs, and business process improvements and their associated cost efficiencies

OASIS will:
  • Maximize Small Business Opportunities: Cannot say as to how to do that at this time … still doing the market research on the best way to craft the vehicle;
  • Use on- and off-ramps;
  • Provide a Document Web Library, Chat rooms, etc; and
  • Bring enterprise level support.

The current status is:

We are currently working on finalizing external business case to post on the OMB MAX portal;

Hosting Customer Working Groups in seeking feedback on tailoring the nuts and bolts so OASIS provides them a proper fit;

We are in the process of drafting RFP:  for reporting requirements, scope, data capture for information which is currently being captured but in an automated manner to promote transparency.

We want to hear from you.

You can post on the blog, or send a private email. We want to know your thoughts.

Here is the current time frame:

Milestone/Deliverable                       Anticipated Date

Release Draft RFP                              Summer 2012
Release Final RFP                              Winter 2012-13
Announce Awards                               Summer 2013
Issue Notice to Proceed                      Fall 2013

We are well aware of needs of your families and will account for the Holidays when releasing the final RFP;

If all goes well we anticipate to award next summer; and

We anticipate protests, because that is the nature of the business.

We want you to see what points we are grappling with, so I do a blog at least once a week.

To be fair, I’m meeting with no one in person, however, am doing public presentations like this one. We will be at EXPO with an information table and look forward to seeing you all there. We’ll also look for on-going ways to leverage technology to create opportunities to let you share thoughts and ideas with us.

Details on EXPO will be posted to our Interact site.

RW:  Jim will be answering your questions, so you can use the microphone and speak openly or write down questions.

RW:  Let’s get down to the details:

Let’s talk about the threshold and what is the scope?

How are you drafting the scope and how are you involving industry.

JG:  I will refer to Alliant; where we used the Federal Enterprise Architecture as the breadth of scope in order to define the scope at a much higher level.

We are looking for a broad framework like the schedules (FABS, MOBIS, PES, LOGWORLD) and using that to define “professional services” at a higher level and build it into a framework that is easy to manage.

Next week we will be meeting with our customers to hear what would work for them.

RW: Is it going to be like Alliant or like SeaPort-e.

JG: We are looking more for a hybrid…incorporating the best practices from GWACs, Alliant, SeaPort-E, TABSS, NASA SEWP, etc.

I want to be clear; this is not an IT acquisition vehicle. If your primary purpose is IT, OASIS is not your vehicle. We will refer you to a different GSA contract vehicle.

To avoid this conflict, we will provide an Ordering Guide, we will provide Delegation of Authority training that will outline the gist of OASIS, and we will offer pre and post scope awards as well. Open communication thru the website will also be available to our clients.

We will accumulate data over the first 18 months for standard labor pricing/rates to give our customer real data for which to better estimate the cost of their project.  Here I’m not talking about Fixed Price, but rather Cost-Reimbursable, Time & Material, along with Labor Hours, etc.

RW: What role do you see past performance playing in the classification of best-in-class?

JG: We are looking for past performance that covers the span of all services. Agencies are seeking a single provider to work with on these integrated solutions.

This may require teaming. However, we are keeping in mind that there is no guarantee that the Teammate proposed may not be used once a contract is secured.

We are still looking at how to affect this, and we welcome Industry’s thoughts on this.

RW: Let’s talk about Period of Performance (POP)?

JG: We welcome your input on this point. At this is a point we are asking our Agency customer’s to help us define the POP.  We are open to suggestions and hear what you think during the Q&A.

RW: What is the pricing structure?

JG: We will have standardized labor categories to capture the business intelligence needed for the future, and the Contracting Officer (CO) at the Task Order (TO) level can add categories tailored to fit their requirements.

RW: How are you engaging your customer base? How are your customers being involved in this process?

JG: There were 5 Customer Focus Groups held previously inquiring into their needs and acquisition requirements, and we are now asking our customers in the format of Working Groups (WG) across government for their feedback over the next few weeks on the AP and other documents. 

We will be continuing to work with this group on an on-going basis. At this time 20+ customer will be attending.

Early on, our biggest customer will be GSA AAS as this vehicle grows.

RW: What is your strategy for how you see your outreach to Industry and potential competitors might be….?

JG: At this point, I don’t see us using an Request For Information, but rather a blog.  For example, we asked about what type of discriminators should be used…i.e., an approved CAS or certifications that certifications such as Industrial Standards Organization or ISO to be indicators of excellence. 

We’re open to talking Wikis, videos, and other forms of social media, so give us ideas and suggestions.

RW: For some companies, they have to go through several levels of approval, so if you could develop a set of questions for answering where there is anonymity…it might be very helpful.

JG: I am aware that companies are exposing themselves when they answer a poignant question… We do have a mail box that will receive private letters and email. The address is: integrated.services@gsa.gov. We may do another Webinar, as well as more public forums. 

RW: Is there going to be an OASIS for SB only?

JG:  We will be working with SBA, Congress, Industry to see which approach will be best.  It can be one solicitation with two tracts or two solicitations.

RW: Question #1: How will this impact the Schedules?

JG: We are not trying to duplicate what is currently being offered on the schedules. Rather, we’re building a complementary vehicle, specifically for a defined purpose. The number of companies that can meet the bill for all of these services may not be that vast.  We are doing research currently to see what the numbers are.

RW: Question #2: How will you handle ODCs?

JG: Large Businesses who can provide an integrated solution, they will need to provide a CAS and Purchasing System. In broad concept, it will be similar to the GWACS. 

RW: The blog discussed Agency missions as scope.

JG: That’s an idea we are considering. One approach:  the Scope will be in the 5 broad areas with IT component. We need to give the scope that will enable them to take a mission statement and have it fit into the scope’s broader category i.e., vaccine warehouse…there are logistics, process analysis, some IT tracking component. We will not be specific as to transport vaccines, rather define scope at a higher level so the specific agency need fits into the broader rubric. How can I capture the scope at the higher level? I believe we have an architecture that will fit these requirements.

Question #3 Guest: Is the development of OASIS read in any way that the schedules are being abandoned because of their inability to address C-R ODCs and non-commercial acquisitions?

JG: Absolutely not. In 2011, the professional service schedule hit an all time sales high.   We have a number of significant enhancements and updates going on across MAS. OASIS is designed to complement the schedules. Question #4 Guest: My question is about commercial vs. non commercial…how will the specifics of these clauses be addressed.

JG: Our working concept it that we will incorporate all the appropriate clauses by presenting a researched clause matrix for the CO to use. You will have plenty of opportunity to comment.

Question #5 RW: Do you anticipate that exposure of cost or CAS be a requirement?

JG: Our goal is to make sure this is a complementary solution. It will offer a full array offering cost based contracts and there are requirements for cost contracts. Companies will have the freedom to subcontract and the requirements….

There are go/no-go gates…we are asking our customers about what they need. What are the things that you are requiring? We are asking our customers what discriminators are important to them.  

Question #6: Have you assessed the market for the value of this contract.

JG: We are looking to complement what is currently being done. It is 10s of billions of dollars currently. We feel pretty safe to say the 10s of billions over the next 10 years. We are doing this analysis on this and you’ll see it on our portal.

Question #7: What about scope creep? It seems that a contract that incorporates several requirements that would have taken several contracts to fulfill.

JG: There are always concerns about bundling and all of the requirements COs are trying to account for yet at the same time trying to save the government financial resources. We have controls in place that will prevent abuse. We will have the Ordering guide and DPA for the COs to use along with pre or post- award scope review to address some of these concerns. I cannot say we cannot prevent it, but we are putting as many controls in place as possible and if problems should occur we will have the ability to revoke a DPA.

Question #8: What is the contract scope minimum and maximum?

JG: We are looking at the dollar scope minimum or maximum and the overlap. We are looking at this point currently.

Question #9: How many will you award?

JG: I didn’t say.

Question #10: How will you provide service for such a broad scope?

JG: Anyone that is going to bid this will have to demonstrate successful performance across the  scope areas. The biggest challenge is how many of these areas or the number of projects you’ve worked on in these areas at once.

A key point will be the effectiveness and ability to bring together a team and the company’s ability to manage SubKs. How will we evaluate the proposed Sub knowing they might not even use them? These are the types of issues we’re working through now.

Question #11: Industry does not have access to the OMB MAX Portal. Will the Business Case be posted somewhere such that Industry will be able to view it?

JG: We’ll post a public version of the business case on the Interact site.

Question #12: Do you have a time frame on when the BC will be posted. 

JG: It will precede the Solicitation, sometime this summer. But we need to keep our stakeholders informed.

Thank you so much for your attention today and I look forward to hearing from you on the OASIS Blog or via email at:



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