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Public Buildings Service Mid-Atlantic Region Project Mandates Green Purchasing Requirements

PBS Mid-Atlantic Region recently released a solicitation that requires the selected contractor at the post office and courthouse in Pittsburgh to use green products and services during project planning, design, construction, and maintenance. The contractor also must submit a report identifying which green products it will use.The solicitation is the region's first to incorporate green purchasing requirements. GSA’s Green Procurement Program was established to promote the purchase and use of sustainable products for all federal projects. It requires contractors to participate and partner with the government to obtain high performance and sustainable operations. The solicitation was prepared by a cross-organizational team, including representation from the Mid-Atlantic Region Sustainability Council, Acquisition Management Division, Facilities Management and Services Programs Division, and the Pittsburgh Field Office.


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Barbara Rosholdt
<p>Hello! &nbsp;I am a GSA Sustainability in Procurement Fellow and am working on a project to identify acquisition language that requires Green in procurements. &nbsp;The project described sounds like it could help us. &nbsp;How would I contact the contracting officials in order to get a copy of the language used?</p><p>Barb</p>
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