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Provide Feedback on beta.SAM.gov!

Using the feedback tool on beta.SAM.gov leads to a more user-centric design.


Continuously improving the user experience is a top priority for the SAM modernization process (beta.SAM.gov). Suggestions and opinions about the new site are taken into serious consideration in real-time to help develop new features and functionality, as we build the new environment. As you’re exploring the features on the site, let us know what you think!  


Look for the Provide Feedback button which is available on almost every page of the site, even in your workspace and search results. Click on it to share any of your comments and concerns. What do you like or dislike about beta.SAM.gov? What changes or improvements would you suggest? Can we contact you if we have questions about your feedback?  


View a sample of the feedback submission forms below.


The beta.SAM.gov development teams read and review each comment and suggestion from the feedback tool and use them as a baseline for making enhancements to the site. Not only are we eager to hear feedback, it drives our designs.    


Keep checking the site for newly released features and comment below if you have any questions.


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