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Preparing for a new SAM.gov Login Process

To help prevent fraudulent activity in the System for Award Management (SAM), GSA is introducing a new security measure by using Login.gov to authenticate registered SAM users. The first time you log in to SAM.gov after June 29, 2018, you’ll be asked to create a new Login.gov user account. Going forward, you will use your Login.gov username and password every time you log into SAM.gov. Your current SAM.gov username and password will no longer work.


To migrate your SAM.gov roles, you must know and use your current SAM.gov email address to create your new user account. If a different email address is provided when you create your new user account, you will need to request your SAM.gov roles again. This could cause delays in updating your existing registrations.

If you do not know what email address is currently associated with your SAM.gov user account, you have until late on June 29th to find it on SAM.gov under Account Settings. To locate your current email, go to www.SAM.gov → My SAM → My Account Settings → Edit User Information. After June 29, 2018, your current username and password will no longer work to log in to SAM.gov, so take steps now to confirm your email!


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