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Preliminary Findings from the MAS PMO’s Consolidated Solicitation Requests for Information (RFIs)


Did you see MAS PMO Director Stephanie Shutt talking about MAS Reform on July 21, 2019 edition of Government Matters? She touched on the two Requests for Information (RFIs) we sent out recently and the feedback we’ve received. 


Thanks to all our industry partners who responded to our RFIs: the Consolidated Solicitation Format and Terms & Conditions RFI, which closed on July 5, 2019, and the Large Category, Subcategory, and SIN RFI, which closed on July 17, 2019. 


We are still doing a deep dive into all the feedback that’s come in, but do want to share our preliminary findings with you. 


For the solicitation format and terms and conditions RFI, we received a total of 586 completed responses from the industry community, including both current Schedule holders and prospective contractors. Results show that:

  • Almost 94% of contractors agree the proposed solicitation format is clear.
  • 88% agree the proposed solicitation format will be a benefit to industry.
  • Nearly 88% agree it provides a benefit to federal agency customers.
  • Approximately 94% of contractors agree with the proposed required terms and conditions and required- as-applicable terms and conditions outlined in the consolidated solicitation.
  • Over 88% agree with the clauses that were proposed to be excluded from the consolidated solicitation.


For the large category, subcategory, and SIN RFI we received a total of 480 completed responses from the industry community, including both current Schedule holders and prospective contractors. Results show that:

  • 84% of current contractors agree that the mapping from current Schedules and SINs to the new large categories, subcategories and SINs is clear.
  • 78% agree with the mapping of their current SINs.
  • 91% of prospective offerors agree that the large categories are clear. 
  • 83% of prospective contractors agree that the subcategories and SINs are clear. 


This is just the start of our dive into the RFI data! The MAS PMO is committed to crafting the final solicitation with all of the industry feedback in mind. We are targeting October 1, 2019, to release the final solicitation to prospective contractors. The solicitation release will be preceded by a 30 day advance notice posted to the MAS Interact group. 


Please make sure you’re subscribed for the latest updates - we’ll post a more detailed report of the RFI findings and an updated FAQ there later this summer. 


Have questions? Email us directly at maspmo@gsa.gov


Thank you for your continued partnership. 

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