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OMB directs Agencies to use GSA's Identify Protection Services BPAs

On July 1, 2016, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a memorandum which requires, with limited exceptions, agencies to use GSA’s Identity Monitoring Data Breach Response and Protection Services Blanket Purchase Agreements (IPS BPA) for providing comprehensive identity protection services, identity monitoring, and data breach response.


According to the OMB memo, the IPS BPAs shall be treated as a preferred source for Federal agencies when agencies have a need for credit monitoring, breach response, and identity protection services. Taking advantage of the IPS BPAs ensures agencies can meet their needs for expeditious delivery of best-in-class solutions from pre-approved and vetted companies at competitive pricing and reduced administrative costs.


In 2015, GSA partnered with other Federal agencies to craft requirements for the new IPS BPAs. This successfully ensures all agencies have access to a group of pre-screened, best qualified contractors capable of providing a comprehensive range of identity protection services, including credit monitoring. For details on the IPS BPAs, including task order instructions, offered services, authorized users, order dollar value limitations, the inclusion of agency specific terms, and ordering periods, visit www.gsa.gov/ipsbpa


The memo outlines a specific process agencies must follow if they have an existing vehicle overlapping with the BPAs and are planning to exercise an option or issue a new contract that could overlap with the BPAs. GSA, as the master contract manager, will work with an interagency team to periodically review and refresh, as appropriate, the contract terms and requirements to ensure the BPAs continue to reflect the best identity protection practices to meet  agencies' needs.  


The memo is part of the government’s larger category management initiative designed to leverage the government's robust buying power abilities to provide cost-effective, best-in-class solutions.  


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