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On the week of March 23, 2015, the OASIS Program Management Office held its first biannual OASIS Week. The OASIS team kicked off the week with “pool parties” in which OASIS contract holders were able to network with one another in an informal manner throughout a day-long series of pool-based meeting sessions. Feedback from contractors was overwhelmingly positive and indicated that many business relationships began as a result of this networking opportunity.  Because the pool party concept was so well received, the OASIS team is committed to making it part of all future OASIS Weeks.  


The two days following the pool parties consisted of OASIS and OASIS SB Program Management Reviews (PMRs). The PMR meetings featured presentations from the US Air Force as well as GSA’s own FEDSIM and AAS programs. Additionally, the meetings included discussions of: OASIS web-based systems, the current success of the program, improvements to be made within OASIS and questions and concerns on OASIS policies and processes.


The OASIS team would like to thank all attendees and we hope that you found OASIS Week to be useful. Future OASIS Week announcements will be released as soon as dates and locations are confirmed.  Our industry partners are encouraged to offer suggestions for potential locations for future events, both within Washington, DC and elsewhere. Please submit your suggestions to oasis@gsa.gov.

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