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OASIS Update - June 11

We are past Memorial Day, almost into summer, and have moved even closer to release of the Final RFPs for OASIS and OASIS SB.  I wanted to provide a quick update to everyone on where we are in the process.

After reviewing the comments and suggestions from industry, we checked in with our Customer Working Group to discuss the key issues which had emerged from the response to the draft RFPs.  With all of that feedback in hand, we are now working to finalize the RFPs and other acquisition documents, such as the Acquisition Plan and Source Selection Plan.

In the next week or two, you will see revised draft RFPs including some updates to the evaluation (scoring) methodology.  The changes we’ve made come from the responses we’ve heard on the drafts.  While we did not make every change proposed, we did discuss and consider all of them.

At this point, if you have any new comments, especially on the changes, please share them.Think of this as last call for new comments.   Once the revised drafts have been posted, we will begin moving toward issuance of the final RFPs.  I am confident that we are making substantial improvements to the acquisition and that you will see that reflected in the revisions.  The next step after that will be to begin the formal approval process for all acquisition documentation, including the final RFPs themselves.  We will also cycle back through all our major stakeholders:  Customer Working Group, Congress, OMB, etc. to bring them up to speed on what’s changed.

I am hopeful that we will be ready to release the final RFPs in July.  I can promise you that it will not be before July 4th, so please enjoy your holiday without feeling the need to monitor Interact or FedBizOpps.  Of course, the actual release date will depend on the reaction to the revised RFPs and the availability of stakeholders.

At this point, we don’t anticipate any additional substantive changes.   Should we find something requiring a substantive change, I will let you all know here on Interact so you can adjust your expectations accordingly.

I want to thank you all again for your ongoing engagement with the OASIS Team.  As I said above, we have reviewed and discussed all of the suggestions received and they have resulted in a better product.  I hope you like the changes, even if your particular suggestions were not incorporated.  Once we post the revisions, I will provide an overview of our thought processes so you can understand why we changed what we changed. 

For now, I can provide one sneak preview:  we will be moving to a 10,000 point total.  The nice thing about this round number is that it makes the relative percentages of any given scoring item easy to see.  It helped us immensely in reviewing the relative weight of things.   The philosophy of Past Performance and Relative Experience being roughly equivalent and significantly higher than Systems, Certifications, and Resources will not change, but some of the specifics will.



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