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The OASIS SB Pool 1 Open Season On-Ramp Final Solicitation is now available on FedBizOpps!

The OASIS team is pleased to inform you that the Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories has issued the final solicitation notice to “on-ramp” or add contractors to the existing OASIS Small Business (OASIS SB) Pool 1. The notice was posted to FedBizOpps on September 10. Proposals are due November 8, 2018.

The on-ramps are designed to increase the industrial base on the OASIS contracts improve and ensure adequate competition. The on-ramps will also increase industry access to GSA Professional Services Best-in-Class contracts and help agencies achieve OMB mandated government-wide Spend Under Management goals by shifting unmanaged spend to existing Best-in-Class contracts.

This is the first of several OASIS SB and OASIS Unrestricted on-ramps. The on-ramps will be done using a phased approach, beginning with OASIS SB Pool 1 in September 2018. OASIS SB Pool 1 is our most popular Pool, with the smallest NAICS size standard of $15 million. GSA anticipates this Pool will have the majority of industry base re-represent as other-than-small (per FAR 52.219-28). These newly re-represented firms will no longer be eligible to compete for task orders under OASIS SB Pool 1 come April 2019 as they will no longer be considered small.

OASIS SB Pool 3 and Pool 4 on-ramps will then proceed, followed by the on-ramps for the OASIS Unrestricted Pools. Additionally, GSA is in the process of coordinating with the SBA to establish 8(a) sub-pools under most of the OASIS SB Pools, which will allow 8(a) set asides and direct awards. Once the details are finalized, the 8(a) sub-pool on-ramp will likely take precedence schedule wise over any other not-yet-released on-ramping solicitations. With the exception of 8(a) sub-pool on-ramps, there is no plan at this time to hold Open Season on-ramps for Pools 2, 5a, 5b and Pool 6.

The vertical and lateral on-ramps, available only to OASIS SBs who will no longer be considered small after business size re-representation in April 2019, will be released late Q4 of FY18 or early Q1 of FY19. These solicitations will be left open through the remainder of the base period (December, 2019 after 6 month extension is executed) to allow maximum flexibility. To reward these high performers on OASIS SB, they will be given an opportunity to qualify for OASIS U. Vertical on-ramping is for former OASIS SB contractors to qualify for a contract on the corresponding OASIS U Pool. Lateral on-ramping will allow OASIS SB contractors who have outgrown the size standard for their Pool to qualify for a different Pool under OASIS SB with a larger size standard if they are small under that standard.

Open Season on-ramps will establish sub-pools under the OASIS SB pools.  These sub-pools will only be for 8(a) companies to support direct award and set-asides under OASIS SB.  This will promote 8(a) opportunity to participate on a Tier 3 BIC contract and help customer agencies meet their socio economic goals.

OASIS on-ramps must follow current procurement law. The Government is required to consider experience and past performance of individual team members in prime/subcontractor teams and Joint Ventures. OASIS SB on-ramps will allow individual team members to submit experience projects for evaluation.To ensure a fair competition for small business concerns, there will be limits on the number of projects an individual team member who is not a small business (e.g., Other Than Small Mentor in a Mentor/Protege JV) can submit.

The OASIS SB and OASIS family of contracts have proven to be a significant step forward in supporting our customers, and improving acquisition efficiency and effectiveness in the Federal Government. OASIS has helped agencies streamline their complex professional services acquisition needs, ultimately helping agencies buy smarter and more efficiently, thus saving taxpayer dollars. As a Tier 3, Best-in-Class contract providing solutions for complex professional services requirements, OASIS also helps agencies meet their government-wide spend under management goals.

Thank you for your continued engagement as we grow our comprehensive, government-wide, professional services OASIS contracting vehicles. If you have any questions or comments, please email OASISSB@gsa.gov



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