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OASIS Program Update

Dear Agency Customers and Industry Partners,


On behalf of FAS’ Office of Professional Services and Human Capital Categories, I am sharing news of team member changes within our OASIS program.  Mr. Todd Richards, Ms. Valerie Bindel, Mr. Tommy Thomas and Ms. Catherine Renfro will be pursuing new opportunities as contracting officers in the FEDSIM Client Support Center within FAS’ Office of Assisted Acquisition Services.  We are so appreciative of their service and the innovations they developed in support of the OASIS program.  Most importantly, I am truly excited for and wish them great success in their next adventures in contracting. Todd, Valerie, Tommy and Catherine will be joining FEDSIM on July 24, 2017.


Should you have questions regarding OASIS program or contract operations, please note the following points of contact remain unchanged:


  • Alexandra Rouse, Director of the Professional Services Program Management Division, is the principal point of contact for all OASIS programmatic activities.


  • Sheila Morrison, Director of Contract Operations Division C, is the principal point of contact for OASIS contracting activities.


New team members joining the OASIS program include:


  • Robin Tice who will assume the Contracting Officer role for OASIS.
  • Shaun Hankton who will assume the Contracting Officer role for OASIS SB.
  • Carley Graham who will support OASIS contract operations as a contract specialist.


Our commitment to flexible, transparent, and responsive engagement with our customer agencies and industry communities remains steadfast, and we will continue to communicate programmatic updates through this Interact OASIS community portal.


Should you have any specific questions regarding these changes please feel free to reach out to us at the following email addresses that are monitored daily by the OASIS program team:







Tiffany T. Hixson

Assistant Commissioner

Professional Services and Human Categories

Federal Acquisition Service

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Is there going to be a ramp up for Oasis Pool one in 2018. If not for 2018, when?
Stephanie Kenitzer
Thank you for your comment. We are working on specifics for the OASIS SB On-Ramps. We will address your question as soon as possible. Answers will be posted on www.gsa.gov/oasis and this Interact community. Thank you for your continued patience as we finalize the OASIS Small Business On-Ramps. Please send any additional questions to oasissb@gsa.gov
<p>I am hearing rumors of an OASIS Pool 1 on ramp or some other opening sometime in 2018.&nbsp; Is there truth to this possibility?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
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