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OASIS and HCaTS 8(a) Sales and Task Order Data Now Available on the Dashboard

The GSA Federal Acquisition Service OASIS and HCaTS dashboard has been updated to allow users to view the newly awarded OASIS 8(a) and HCaTS 8(a) obligated sales and trask order data. The OASIS and HCaTS 8(a) contracts were recently added in an effort to provide the 8(a) community expanded access to Best-in-Class programs while creating more options for federal agencies to meet their 8(a) business development program goals through both competitive 8(a) set-asides and 8(a) direct task order awards. 

The dashboard, open to industry and the federal acquisition community, allows stakeholders to make better program and business decisions. Users can view and segment data by federal agency, industry partner, and NAICS code, and build customized reports for download. The data feed capability allows users to filter the data by a variety of elements, and export it to an Excel spreadsheet for additional analysis.

This dynamic, web-based tool is updated daily and provides interactive, near real-time information on the status of the OASIS and HCaTS programs, including receiving agency and industry partner for both obligation values and number of task orders. Users can interact with the data, filter it in multiple ways and receive immediate results. They can drill down the data from agency to the bureau level, as well as look at which industry partners have been awarded task orders by number and dollars.


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