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NEWSBLAST: Open Season Changes

Good afternoon All,

We have had a couple of questions regarding the change to the timelines associated with Open Season and would like to clear up any confusion. Prior to Evergreen, Open Season was held each year. Several small businesses asked us to consider a change based upon the amount of work required with the process of Open Season. As a result, the EXPRESS office determined that an Open Season half way through the 5-year period was sufficient to support changes to the teams. Part of the decision to support this was the removal of subcontractors which allows flexibility for new companies to partner with our Prime BPA holders outside of these specific time frames. Additionally, guidance was provided in June of 2018 which outlined the process for adding a Team Member or a SIN outside of Open Season. Guidance provided in the email will be uploaded under documents. This process should alleviate any issues with not being able to add new schedule holders intended to be utilized for specific awards but upholds the commitment to ensure we are streamlining the amount of work required to maintain the number of BPAs in EXPRESS.

Volonda Reedus
Chief, Program Strategies
Army Contracting Command- Redstone
(256) 876-9316


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