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The New World of the Multiple Award Schedule Program

by Stephanie Shutt, MAS PMO Director


If your awareness of GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule or MAS program stops with the year 2019 - or earlier - it’s time to give us another look. 2019 is when the world of the Multiple Award Schedules program began to morph into the Multiple Award Schedule program --- but we did more than just drop an “s” and change our name. Our MAS contract vehicle has totally changed. We’ve modernized federal acquisition and improved the buying experience by consolidating our 24 existing Schedules into a single Schedule for products, services, and solutions and addressed a lack of consistency across the Schedules. 


Why? Consolidation makes it easier for our customers to find the total solutions they need under one contract vehicle. We’ve eliminated duplicative contracts and streamlined our terms and conditions, providing consistency in the program for industry, federal customers, and GSA’s workforce. The new single Schedule solicitation features a simplified format with new large categories and sub-categories, and updated Special Item Numbers (SINs) that make it easier for contractors to offer, and agency partners to find, what they need to carry out their mission. 


Among the main stakeholder beneficiaries of the considerable enhancement to the program are our new offerors.


MAS is a contract vehicle with a continuous open season, so companies can apply at any time for a contract to offer their commercial products, services, and solutions for purchase by any federal agency or other eligible customers, such as state and local governments. These groups are eligible to purchase information technology (IT) and security items through our cooperative purchasing program. State and local governments also may obtain additional purchasing authorities during national disasters and other special events.


The offer process, while still a considerable effort, is more consistent than ever. We have new resources readily available to assist offerors in completing the process. The MAS Roadmap (gsa.gov/masroadmap) is a key resource - it’s a great MAS tutorial, and a great first stop on the road to getting on Schedule. If you're a potential offeror who wants to know more, start with the MAS Offeror Training video - it’s a high level walk through the entire process. With only one contract vehicle to pick from now, but the same breadth of offerings as the 24 previous Schedules, there’s no longer a guessing game of which contract to pick. This also provides the flexibility for changing market conditions, as there is no need to apply for different contracts. Contractors can instead simply complete modifications to add or delete offerings as warranted. 


By organizing the MAS solicitation with the main solicitation document and category attachments, both contractors and customer agencies can more easily find the contract terms and conditions that are important to them. The new MAS vehicle has been organized, in plain language, by SINs, smaller categories of offerings within the MAS category structure. These SINs are aligned to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, which lets contractors and customers use a common numbering system that they’re already familiar with.


All of these changes have created a new age for the MAS vehicle. One that will make it easy for GSA to quickly update the Schedule as needed and lays the foundation for future process improvements. For updates related to the new world of the MAS Program follow us on the MAS Interact Group.

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