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New USAccess Scheduler Tool

USAccess Release 15.1 will include a new scheduling system that replaces the existing GSA Online Scheduling System in use today. This is the system that Registrars, Activators and applicants use to create and manage appointments at USAccess credentialing centers, which applicants access through the “Schedule” tool on fedidcard.gov. The new tool, called Assured Identity Scheduler, will operate similarly as the current system, meaning applicants can make appointments, and Registrars/Activators can log in to view and manage schedules, and cancel appointments. The new tool will also allow for Registrars/Activators to add appointments, so they can record walk-in appointments if desired.

On Day 1, Registrars and Activators will log in to the scheduling system using the Assured Identity portal desktop icon (the same one they use to access Enrollment, Activation, TRACKs, CIT, etc.). This means they must now use their PIV card to access the scheduling system to view and maintain their appointment calendars. The current Online Scheduling System desktop icon will be removed from their desktops.

Once they complete log in, Registrars/Activator can click Assured Identity Scheduler to access the tool.

For more information about the features of the new scheduling tool, please see the Release Notice posted on the Agency Lead Portal. You may also attend today’s Registrar/Activator Refresher Training at 3 p.m. ET, which will discuss the new tool in detail. The training can be accessed at meet.gsa.gov/refreshertraining.


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