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New Security Offering for SAM.gov for Entity Administrators Available May 24

As with all of the IAE systems, security for SAM.gov is always paramount.  With that in mind, we will be offering access to new security features in SAM.gov on May 24, 2021.

The new security enhancements - called identity proofing - will be voluntary (and recommended) at first, and will become mandatory in fiscal year 2022.  

By introducing identity proofing, we are adding a layer of security that protects you, your entity, and the government by making it more difficult for someone to gain unauthorized access to your entity registration account. Your entity registration contains sensitive data that, if exposed, could cause harm or damage to your entity. Verifying the identity of entity administrators helps everyone ensure that entity data remains in the right hands.

Identity proofing will be for users who manage SAM.gov registrations.  We will begin validating the identity of each entity administrator in SAM.gov as an optional benefit at first.  However, we recommend that all existing entity administrators become familiar with and take advantage of this added level of security as soon as possible.  Early adopters will have the opportunity to provide feedback that will help us improve the process moving forward.

After May 24, 2021, users will be able to initiate the identity proofing process directly from SAM.gov. Those who verify early will be well prepared once identity proofing is fully required in FY22.

Managed and run by login.gov, the identity proofing process will collect, validate, and verify information about a person.  Entity administrators will be asked to upload a photograph of their state-issued photo identification, provide their social security number, and provide a valid phone number.

May 24 is the same day that the current (legacy) SAM.gov will merge with beta.SAM.gov, the “beta” will go away, and there will be only one SAM.gov remaining.  After May 24, SAM.gov users will see a home page that enables them to perform tasks currently found at beta.SAM.gov such as searching for contract opportunities, finding wage determinations, and more - as well as the things they can do today at SAM.gov, all under a single sign-on. 

To learn more about how the process works and how data is secured, visit Login Security.


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Is there some other alternative to supplying the personal info (ie photo/driver license info and SSN)? What if someone is not comfortable providing this personal information?
More details about this will come soon. Stay tuned!
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