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New Process to Schedule Certification Calls

As part of the equipment deployment process, USAccess has a requirement to schedule and conduct a Certification call before using Fixed Credentialing Units (FCU). Until now, Sites have been asked to call or email the USAccess Help Desk to request a Certification call. As of Monday, December 16, 2019, Sites should use the Assured Identity Scheduler to make appointments for FCU Certification calls.   

The new scheduling process was sent to Agency Leads in mid-December and is posted on the Agency Lead Portal.

Users will need to ensure they have been granted access to the scheduling tool. If you are a Registrar Role Holder, but do not have access to Scheduler, please call or email the USAccess Help Desk at 866-493-8391 or usaccess.helpdesk@perspecta.com.

Sites should follow the FCU Setup Guide and perform the preliminary steps below prior to the Certification call. 

  • Ensure that your Site has someone with the Registrar/Activator Role as well as access to the Assured Identity Scheduler
  • Log in to Assured Identity Scheduler to make an appointment for you Certification call
  • Set up the equipment according to the Fixed Credentialing Unit (FCU) Setup Guide prior to the scheduled call
  • Ensure the Registrar has reset his/her UPN password within the last 90 days
  • Have someone with the Site Manager Role add the System ID(s) for your FCU in Site Manager before the Certification call

Please email GSAMSO@gsa.gov with any questions.


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