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New Look for beta.SAM.gov Coming April 26

GSA’s Integrated Award Environment is bringing a new look and feel to beta.SAM.gov on April 26, 2021. Functionality within the system is not changing (yet!)

We are excited to introduce this new experience.  Users will notice beta.SAM.gov’s home page, help pages, and search all have a new design built to address the feedback we have heard from our users. The main menu also will have a new look and feel that will make the selections (that aren’t changing) easier to find.  The feedback tool (which we rely on for input from our users) will move to the footer, providing a consistent location for every page throughout the system. 

We are rolling out the new design of these key parts of beta.SAM.gov in preparation for and in conjunction with the upcoming transition of current (or legacy) SAM.gov into beta.SAM.gov.  SAM.gov will transition on May 24, 2021, at which time the two merged systems will be known only as SAM.gov (the “beta” is being retired).  

The design changes users will see in April on beta.SAM.gov mirror the design of the integrated, new SAM.gov that all users will experience at the end of May.  Essentially, we’re giving users a head start on the new SAM.gov experience.  We are holding the April 26th date for only the design changes to ensure users have time to adjust to the changes incrementally.

The new design provides a dedicated landing page or "home" for each of the different functions within the system (what we call “domains”) such as wage determinations, contract opportunities, or assistance listings.  On May 24, entity registrations (SAM.gov) will be the newest domain.  These new landing pages provide a helpful starting point for users interested in any specific domain.  

Additionally, we also continue to enhance the integrated system’s search capabilities.  The new design makes it easier to find advanced filters for each domain and improves the usability of the date filters.  We've also made it easier to see what filters are available for each domain. The new design incorporates significant user feedback from our feedback tool and numerous discussions with stakeholders.

The original (current) design of  beta.SAM.gov hasn’t changed since it’s initial launch in August 2017. In the three-plus years since launch, we have integrated several legacy IAE systems and other functionality into beta.SAM.gov, but haven’t changed the design, until now.  

April’s new design adheres to new U.S. Web Design System and GSA standards for digital experiences. Those standards help agencies to streamline content and are secure, responsive, accessible, and consistent.  

The new design of our home page, help, and search are the first steps in introducing our new SAM.gov design standards.  As we continue to make improvements and add functionality, we will be further applying the most recent standards across our system.


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