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New Look and New Login at the Federal Service Desk

GSA Federal Acquisition Service’s Integrated Award Environment manages the Federal Service Desk (FSD.gov) in addition to the IAE applications (e.g., SAM.gov, CPARS.gov, beta.SAM.gov).  The FSD is the free service  to help our system users with issues ranging from a lost or forgotten password to more complex issues with a specific system.


On December 8, the FSD implemented two changes: 

  • The FSD has a new look and feel.
  • The FSD now uses multifactor authentication (MFA) via login.gov.
This morning, the FSD launched a totally new look and feel. The new format is more consistent with beta.SAM.gov. We have maintained all the service options that our customers rely on. To help you through this transition we have implemented a few things: 

Tours:  We have created navigational Tours to ease the transition to the new FSD.gov layout. The tours allow you to acclimate with the new look and feel of FSD.gov through a self-paced, assisted navigation through some of the main functionalities. Tours are accessible in the upper right hand corner of the FSD.gov homepage and are available only after you log in.  

Search:  The Search Knowledge Base tool is a feature that allows a direct search of the entire FSD knowledge repository; including FAQ’s and commonly experienced issues. The Help Topics panel in the lower left hand corner also grants direct access to a subset of items in the knowledge base to a given application such as SAM.gov or eSRS.gov specifically.

Create an Incident:  The Create an Incident function, (formerly called Web Form) allows submission of an incident ticket to a designated resolver group without the need to call or initiate a chat. In addition to basic incident ticket submissions, entities registering in SAM.gov will now use this self-service portal to upload electronic notarized letters.

Live Chat:  The Live Chat function allows you to initiate and engage with a live Tier 1 FSD agent.

Announcements:  Announcements (what we used to call News and Announcements) can be found in the lower right hand corner of  FSD.gov . Here you’ll find any general notices and important publications being broadcast to a wide-reaching audience.


On FSD.gov, users do not need to log in to browse the free site.  However, if you want to open a service ticket or chat with a live agent, you do need to create and log in to an account.  

Implementing multifactor authentication at FSD.gov helps keep you and the government safer from potential intrusions.  Therefore, as of December 8, those who have an account at the FSD must sign in using login.gov.  If you have a login.gov account, and your login.gov email matches the email address associated with your FSD.gov account, there is no action you need to take. Just sign in at FSD.gov with your login.gov account.

If you have a login.gov account associated with a different email address than your existing FSD account, you can create a new account at FSD.gov with your login.gov account. If you do not currently have a login.gov account, you can easily create one at login.gov. When creating your account, enter the same email address you used for FSD.gov so that FSD.gov can link your login.gov account to your existing profile. 

Note, you do not need to have an account at FSD.gov to obtain help by searching the site.  But users with an account have access to more functions at the FSD such as web chat capability.  

For login.gov assistance, please review the help section of login.gov. For all other issues, continue to contact the Federal Service Desk at www.fsd.gov or by telephone at 866-606-8220 (toll free) or 334-206-7828 (internationally).


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