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New Light Installer Packages on February 25

A new Light installer package will be made available on February 25 to support use of a new camera model, as well as update the version of Java software included in both LCS and LA kits. The new versions of the installers will be Light Activation v4.0.8 and Light Credentialing Solution (LCS) v4.0.7.

The kits will contain:

  • Support for the T6 Canon camera (LCS only)
  • Update to Java 8 Update 111
  • Update to enrollment application as described above to make the Comments field mandatory if the Registrar marks the Applicant documents for more validation. (NOTE: Fixed enrollment workstations will be updated using our automated update method.)

These installers are only mandatory for LCS kits that will use the new Canon T6 camera. Today, all LCS kits use earlier versions of the camera. The T6 will begin shipping with LCS kits starting in late February/March, and they will ship with this new installer/version.

However, we encourage all Agencies to update to these new Light versions at their convenience (i.e.; Light kits that are not updated will continue to work post 10.2 going in to production.)

Draft release notice for Release 10.2 and the new Light Installers are posted to the ALP.


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