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The New Learning Center in beta.SAM.gov

Check out our Learning Center now available on beta.SAM.gov! The new Learning Center will include access to video tutorials, frequently asked questions (FAQs), quick start guides, and a glossary.


One of the biggest updates is the ability for users to search for content in the Learning Center. Another addition is the Resources section, which is divided into four subsections, each designed to connect users to additional information. Click on Assistance to learn about the grants lifecycle and find information about eligibility for different types of federal assistance. The contracting subsection includes links to acquisition policy, regulation and compliance materials, and helpful sites for small businesses. Wage Determinations is available to find reference materials including labor standards and compliance requirements. Go to the Partners subsection for a list of related partners and links.  


Stay tuned for more updates on the modernization efforts.  For questions, comment below or contact us at IAEOutreach@gsa.gov.


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Good! Can't wait to get started.
Good! Can't wait to use it.
The IAE environment is designed to transition multiple, stove-piped applications into an integrated workforce tool set for awards management across... More

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