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New this Fall: Exercising Options with OPEN

Introducing Options Processes Ensuring Integrity (OPEN).

This fall, Federal Acquisition Service’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) is launching OPEN, a new way to exercise Options to Extend the Period of a Contract. OPEN is the result of a process improvement analysis that:

•Greatly reduces the number of steps,
•Introduces automated reports and documents,
•Provides contract holders and Contracting Officers a clear timeline and underscores acquisition excellence and quality.

What does OPEN mean to a Schedule contract holder?

With OPEN, all Schedule contract holders will process options electronically via eMod.  The automated Notifications of Intent will let contractors know what needs to be submitted and exactly when.  Contractors no longer needlessly have to submit paperwork that has previously been required such as:

•Dun & Bradstreet past performances

Finally, an option is an UNILATERAL modification. This means that no other contract actions, (for example, renegotiating the basis of award), are done as part of the option modification. Bilateral modifications must be completed separately. This process will also help reduce the need for temporary extensions.

Additional information about OPEN will be coming soon to the Vendor Support Center (https://vsc.gsa.gov/).

Benefits of OPEN:

•Simplifies the option process
•Automated emails provide information faster
•Keeps the modification unilateral means less back and forth between contract holders and the CO
•eMod filing reduces environmental impact
•Reduction in data requirements due at option time = less time spent on administrative tasks
•Process starts earlier reducing likelihood of temporary extensions
•Exercising options 60 days prior to expiration provides smoother transition for business opportunities.
• Encourages a discipline of contract maintenance

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Maggie Glynn
<p>Wow!&nbsp; Thanks for the heads up.</p><p>I am certain that all Schedule Contract holders will be happy with streamlined processing.&nbsp;We - like all small businesses - have limited resources and personnel, so anything that makes the process easier is welcome!</p>
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