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National Stock Number Prioritization Explanation on GSA Advantage!

A primary objective of Catalog Management is to increase user clarity when doing business with GSA. While this is a multiyear project, we are focused on delivering interim value along the way. As such, we developed a new “pop-up” text block on GSA Advantage! that explains to shoppers why GSA Global Supply is the default vendor selection when an item is available as a National Stock Number (NSN) item (see “pop up” text below). When a customer searches for an item on GSA Advantage!, vendors offering the item are listed by default from low to high price per quantity, with the exception of GSA Global Supply items. 

When an item is available as an NSN, then GSA Global Supply is listed first on that product page regardless of price because it is a priority source for supply purchases in accordance with FAR 8.002 Priorities for Use of Mandatory Government Sources. The new pop-up will explain this to customers and help alleviate confusion. A “Frequently Asked Question” was also added under the “Help & Assistance” section in the “Searching for Products & Services” category (see FAQ below). This will provide clarity to customers and suppliers on how vendors are prioritized, and highlights fair competition and FAR compliance.

If you have an idea for GSA Advantage!, post it as a comment here or email it to CatalogManagement@gsa.gov.





FAQ: Why does GSA Global Supply get displayed first in search results?

GSA Global Supply is a priority source when federal agencies and military users are purchasing supplies, in accordance with FAR 8.002 - Priorities for Use of Mandatory Government Sources. As such, when the same product is offered by multiple contractors on GSA Advantage!, GSA Global Supply is displayed first.


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