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National IT Commodity Program (NITCP) and Reverse Auctioning Tool - Updated

Update:  We had a WebEx this afternoon which lasted nearly two hours which provided a comprehensive overview of the NITCP and the implementation of the Reverse Auction Tool.  My special thanks to Teresa Carrington, Director of the NITCP and her staff for a very insightful meeting and discussion. 

We had close to 40 participants representing Financial Management, CAR, AAS, and AOD.  It was even more special because several PBS associates attended the event.  So, it was truly an enterprise-wide discussion. 

I have attached the NITCP flyer to this posting.  This is a good synopsis of the value-add of this organization and an innovative way to leverage and maximize resources. 

Thanks - Les


Hello - I am back from a quick family vacation to Atlanta.  I am suffering from a bit of jet lag, as you can imagine.  

Tomorrow, we are having an internal meeting with the National IT Commodity Center, located in Region 4.  In addition, there will be a presentation on GSA's new reverse auctioning tool.  

I am hoping to provide details with regard to how we are leveraging our expertise throughout the FAS enterprise as well as re-evaluating the utility of reverse auctioning (particularly for commodity purchases).  

If I am permitted by the Center, I will also post its very succinct and professional brochure to our group.  

Thanks for checking in...more later.  



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