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Multiple Award Schedules Transformation - What is transactional data and what Schedules are impacted?

For 60 years, GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) have made it possible for federal agencies to buy smarter. Today, GSA is transforming MAS to enhance this widely used $33 billion a year program to ensure that it continues to offer efficiency and value to both government and Industry. This transformation will include pricing reform.

Multiple Award Schedules Transformation - What is transactional data and what Schedules are impacted?

GSA would like to get your input regarding the pilot program mentioned in a recent Proposed Rule published in the Federal Register. We highly recommend reading the Proposed Rule prior to this blog post to get the full understanding of our approach, but here’s a brief summary as it applies to GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) contractors to refresh your memory.

The rule proposes a pilot to implement the collection of transactional data for a few select Schedules. Under this pilot, contractors would electronically report prices paid for products and services delivered during the performance of the contract (i.e. transactional data) on a monthly basis. In return, these contractors will no longer have to comply with the “tracking customer” requirements of clause 552.238-75 Price Reductions.

For purposes of this blog, we would like to focus on which Schedules and data elements would be included in the aforementioned pilot program. We will discuss other aspects of the implementation of the pilot program, such as how the data is reported, how contracts are modified, etc. through separate blog posts. Also, we encourage those that have comments regarding the overall approach discussed in the proposed rule to submitted those through www.regulations.gov as outlined in the Federal Register Notice.

What Schedules have been preliminarily identified to be a part of the pilot?

GSA have preliminarily identified the follow Schedules to be part of the pilot:  

  • Schedule 51V - Hardware Superstore
  • Schedule 58 I - Professional Audio/Video Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing and Signal Data solutions
  • Schedule 72 - Furnishings and Floor Coverings
  • Schedule 73 - Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals and Services
  • Schedule 75 - Office Products/Supplies and Services and New Products/Technology.  

In identifying this preliminary list of select pilot Schedules FAS considered the industries involved, the impact on both the Schedule Contracting Officers and Industry Partners, the dollar value of the Schedules being considered, progress towards part number standardization of the identified Schedules, and whether the Schedules were primarily product and commoditized services or service-only. Prior experience with transactional data reporting within the industry was also considered.  ​

What data elements would be collected in the pilot?

These data elements were selected because they 1) are typically already included on invoices submitted by the vendor; 2) represent the minimum amount of data the Government would need in order to conduct price analyses, and 3) are elements that cannot be obtained from other sources such as FPDS-NG.   

The clause requires contractors to submit the following data elements: 

  • Contract Number
  • Order Number or Procurement Instrument Identifier (PIID)
  • Non Federal Entity, if applicable
  • Description of Deliverable
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Unit of Measure (each, hour, case, lot, etc.)
  • Quantity of Item Sold
  • Universal Product Code (UPC) if applicable
  • Price Paid per Unit
  • Total Price Sold

We need your input in further developing our plans to implement this pilot. Answers to the following questions would provide tremendous value as we continue our planning efforts:

1. Are the Schedules listed the right Schedules to be included in the pilot? If not, why?

2. Under the proposed pilot Schedules, do the proposed data elements represent the best selection of data elements for reporting? Are there additional data elements GSA should request based upon these market segments?

Please submit all comments directly through Regulations.gov at www.regulations.gov and include GSAR CASE 2013-G504 in your comment. Only comments submitted through regulations.gov will receive a formal response. Comments submitted on the Interact page will be reviewed but may not receive a formal response.  

There may be a brief delay before your comment is visible.


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<p>What is the status of the pilot program?</p>
Luis Medina
<p>Alex5415, Thank you for your question. &nbsp;I have been asked to post a reply on behalf of MASBlogger. &nbsp;In response to your question, MASBlogger replied:<br /><span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Arial; font-size: 14.6667px; white-space: pre-wrap;">Following a public meeting in April 2015, GSA requested feedback and comments through the Federal Register and is currently in the process of reviewing and considering all public comments, as well as feedback from the federal community and other key stakeholders. GSA will release information and communicate any updates to all impacted stakeholders, as appropriate. </span></p>
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