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Multi-Step Transition of SAM.gov: New Look and Feel Coming to beta.SAM.gov April 26; Systems Merge May 24

The General Services Administration launched beta.SAM.gov in 2017 as the modernized environment where the 10 Integrated Award Environment (IAE) systems will become one.  To date, three IAE systems have migrated into beta.SAM.gov completely and some functionality from a fourth system has also merged into the new environment.  

Now, we are preparing to merge legacy SAM.gov into the beta.SAM.gov environment.  SAM.gov, IAE’s largest system, is where users register to do business with the federal government, find exclusion records, and perform other tasks.  After the merger, the system will be known only as SAM.gov (no more “beta”). 

Phase one, scheduled for April 26, 2021, will change the look and feel of beta.SAM.gov to prepare for the SAM.gov merge that will happen a few weeks later. The new look and feel will remain when the two systems merge.  Essentially, we’re giving our current beta.SAM.gov users a head start and a chance to get used to the new design before SAM.gov functionality migrates over.  

Phase two, scheduled for May 24, 2021, will migrate the functionality of SAM.gov into beta.SAM.gov (keeping the new design).  The term “beta” will be retired,  and there will be only one SAM.gov.  This change affects all SAM.gov users.  

After May 24, SAM.gov users will see a home page that enables them to perform tasks currently found at beta.SAM.gov such as searching for contract opportunities, finding wage determinations, and more, as well as the things they can do at SAM.gov today  - all under a single sign-on. 

On February 9, the IAE is hosting an online forum to walk users through the upcoming design changes.  You can register for that forum here.

In May, we will host another forum to walk users through the integration of SAM.gov into beta.SAM.gov.  Stay tuned for details on that event.   We also will share details soon for a third webinar especially for those who will extensively search contract opportunities in the new design. 


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