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MRO and JanSan Requisition Channel Industry Day Q+A now available

GSA has published its answers to questions submitted by commercial sector participants during its virtual Industry Day, held in February 2014. This event was hosted by GSA, and covered the agency’s commodity consolidation strategy, and the planned Requisition Channels for Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) and Janitorial & Sanitation (JanSan) strategically sourced products.

The over 200 participants who attended the event submitted their questions to GSA during this jam-packed session via online chat. Topics focused on effects to small business, the future of GSA distribution centers and impacts on shipping requirements, and supply transformation and its impacts to Schedules, fees and existing contracts. GSA has consolidated these questions and has provided as clear a response as possible.

This Q+A PDF document can be opened or saved by clicking on the following link: https://interact.gsa.gov/sites/default/files/MRO%20and%20JanSan%20RC%20I...

Listed first are general inquiries that were applicable to all programs, with each program including responses specific to their solution (where applicable). The remaining pages exclusively address questions regarding the MRO and JanSan Requisition Channel draft RFQ documents, which were published prior to Industry Day.

Please share your comments to this Q+A by logging in to Interact and submitting a comment (note there may be a slight time delay before your comment becomes visible). If you have any private inquiries, you can contact GSA direct at FSSI.MRO-Req@gsa.gov


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