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More SF-AIC Members and My Experience at WEST 2020

Greetings.  I have had a very insightful and productive time at (AFCEA) WEST 2020.  There were senior officials present to provide the audience and media current information with regard to military activities throughout the globe. Strategy, readiness, technology, flexibility, and deterrence were common themes.  Also, a continued motif was the importance of a rapid, responsive, and integrative force using real time data in order to make informed decisions which might have world-wide impact. 

Information regarding a variety of technical commodities, services, etc was provided by about 400 vendor booths (based on the WEST 2020 Show Guide).  It was a bit bewildering seeing all the vendors and industry on the exhibition floor.  I am also directionally-challenged, so I think I kept circling around the same area for some time!  

This marks the 30th year of AFCEA WEST and it has been a cornerstone event for the Pacific Rim.  

The organizations really placed emphasis on socializing this event.  I even saw a sign advertising WEST 2020 in a restaurant window!  

I've included a short youtube video (less than a minute) synopsizing the event.  If it can't play on this platform, please go to 



GSA will be hosting its FAST 2020 conference in Atlanta which I blogged about earlier.  Our wonderful GSA Customer Service Representatives (CSDs) were at WEST 2020 and they answered a multitude of questions on the full suite of GSA offerings.  In addition, we also had our "boutique" service (I remember it being labeled as such, and it stuck in my mind), Assisted Acquisition Services experts with us at the booth.  It was a great collaboration.  

But I digress...I wanted to mention that in terms of socializing/advertising the FAST 2020 event in Atlanta, the CSDs went to every vendor booth and person attending to hand out flyers and answer questions regarding GSA's premier training event.  This was an incredible team effort to "spread the word" and explain the substantive value-add of the event next month.  

All of us hope to see you in Atlanta.  Please remember to go to gsa.gov/FAST and register.  If you're interested in purchasing a vendor booth, please contact me at les.yamagata@gsa.gov.  



Fianlly, thank you for signing up/subscribing to the SF-AIC community site on Interact.  The membership numbers were in the teens, then 27, 59 and now stands and 85.  

Acquisitionally Yours,
Les Yamagata









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