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Migrating To Professional Services Schedule - Impact on Offers

We recently learned that there is some misinformation in the services community regarding GSA’s PES, AIMs, FABs, MOBIS, Language, Environmental and Logworld Schedules.  Rumor has it that these Schedule are closed -- they are not closed.  These Schedules remain available for use and will, in effect, transfer to the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) on October 1, 2015, when the PSS becomes available for use.


To support you in working through the PSS transition with us, several questions and answers are provided here to help you in your decision making:


  1. What Schedules will be impacted by the consolidation?


Schedule 520 Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)

Schedule 541 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services (AIMS)
Schedule 738II Language Services

Schedule 871 Professional Engineering Services (PES)

Schedule 874 Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)

Schedule 874V Logistics Worldwide (Logworld)

Schedule 899 Environmental Services

Schedule 00CORP Consolidated


  1. I don’t have a professional services Schedule today, but would like to.  What Schedule should I use to submit my offer?  Please submit your offer through the Consolidated Schedule (00CORP).  


  1. I already submitted an offer, will it be processed?  Yes, offers that have already been submitted on a stand alone Schedule will be processed.  However, if an offer is rejected, our Contracting Officers will advise you of recommended next steps.  If a company chooses to resubmit an offer before October 1, 2015, they will be instructed to do so under the Consolidated Schedule.   


  1. What will happen to my offer if it is not reviewed or awarded before October 1, 2015? We are planning for a systems change that will transfer stand alone Schedule offers to PSS on or after October 1, 2015. Offerors will be asked to accept the change to the PSS solicitation so that an award will be made under PSS rather than the single Schedules.   


  1. I am a contractor with an existing single Schedule contract and want to expand my professional service offerings, should I submit a new offer today -- before the new PSS is established?  For example, I am a PES contractor today and want to add a MOBIS Schedule to my offerings?   We recommend waiting until the new PSS is effective to expand your offerings.  On October 1, 2015, the eight single professional services Schedules will no longer exist.  At that time, PSS contractors - the 4,500+ existing contractors who were transferred from the single Schedules - will be able to expand their offerings by requesting a modification to their contract instead of submitting a new offer.  One of the benefits of the consolidated PSS is that submitting a new offer will not be required to expand service offerings; this is a tremendous resource saver for contractors and the government.    


  1. What is the current wait time to process a new offer?  One of the challenges we continue to face in managing multiple Schedules is the number of new offers we manage.  As of March 2015, we had 495 offers in house, 6 of which are from current professional services Schedules holders.  Currently, there is an average wait time of approximately 10 months before a Contracting Officer can review an offer, and an additional 2-3 months to make a determination whether to award or not award a contract and to analyze, negotiate and finalize a contract award.


Our current processing time for modifications is an average of 20 days.  Post consolidation modification processing time is expected to increase, and depending on the complexity of the modification being requested, will likely range from 30 days to 45 days.


While a challenge for industry and government to implement, the PSS will reduce the number of offers we process and contracts we manage, resulting in tangible administrative savings for both GSA and our contractors.  Most importantly, the federal acquisition community will benefit by having one Schedule where they can compete their commercial professional services requirements, whether routine or complex

GSA will continue to host monthly webinars to address questions from industry partners and contract holders about transition to the PSS.  For additional information, be sure to visit the PSS portal page at www.gsa.gov/psschedule, join Interact.gov or contact Kathy Jocoy, PSS Project Manager at professionalservices@gsa.gov


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