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Metrics for the IPS Category

We have talked about the make-up of the IPS category and the strategy to achieve Spend Under Management (SUM) in previous posts, and now it is time to focus on metrics.  Here is what they look like:

Reduce contract duplication across all three subcategories

  • 5% reduction in open market contracts from 38,311 to 36,385
  • 5% reduction in “Only My Agency” contracts from 2,496 to 2,372.

Increase spend under management (SUM)

  • $114.1M in SUM, an increase from $0 by the end of CY16

Increase in Small Business

  • 2% increase in small business utilization across the 3 subcategories to 40.0% by end of CY16

Increase savings

  • $17.4M by the end of CY16 (Initial Target FSSI Savings)

Increase Acquisition Gateway usage

  • 200 purposeful visits in Acquisition Gateway by end of CY16 (baseline is 0) – content developed by August 2016

For reducing contract duplication, the effort starts with the Fire and Rescue subcategory.  A couple of years ago, GSA transferred the majority of the fire program to DLA, and DLA has many fire products under contract.  Analyzing these products and identifying existing contracts will be the first opportunity for reducing contract duplication.  We will also be looking in the Test and Measurement subcategory as well as Industrial Maintenance/Repair/Rebuild subcategory this summer. 

Our efforts to increase spend under management will begin by putting MRO and JanSan contracts up against the recently established Best In Class criteria to determine whether they measure up.  If they do, we expect to see $114 million in spend to be under management and achieve savings of $17.4 million by virtue of these two FSSI contracts.

We have been working diligently on increasing Acquisition Gateway usage.  We have created a robust community and have gone from no hallway and no purposeful visits to nearly 200 purposeful visits by creating this blog series and driving visitors to the page, as well as creating meaningful content in the various subcategory hallways.  We will continue our focus on posting contracts and related information to the hallway, as well as completing the series of 12 blogs that tell the IPS story. 

Thanks for reading, as always, we welcome your ideas and input,g

George Prochaska


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