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Looking into the Future of the IAE Platform

The future foundation of the IAE is a cloud platform based on open source technologies that interconnect award management applications centralizing federal government award management data for business users.

Business needs of the award management community include the sharing of data and users across a set of interconnected award management applications doing away with siloed award management data to create  a more transparent view into how the federal government awards contracts and grants. These needs are writing the future of the Integrated Award Environment (IAE) as a centralized award management platform that enables the government, businesses and individuals in need of award information to discover, use, or integrate with that data in one platform. 

IAE’s application will reside on the Common Services Platform (CSP), a Platform a Service (PaaS) offering which provides shared services such as Identity Access Management (IAM), analytics, data lake, and DevOps tools across interconnected IAE applications. Underlying that platform is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform offering computing resources, networking, and storage across the interconnected IAE applications.

IAE goes Open Source to Speed Innovation

IAE is open sourcing tools through the openIAE initiative that will enable third-party developers to access award management data residing in the IAE platform. Developers from other government agencies, non-profits, and business would have equal access to IAE tools.

IAE and Security

Security is a foundational principle of the IAE now and will continue to be so in the future. Our DevOps processes will ensure that security evaluations of software are being conducted continuously. The platform itself is built so applications on it can leverage both tools and processes to ensure that, even as the code is changing rapidly, the software itself is secure and continuously evaluated to be so. Additionally, leveraging the common security of the platform itself means that the application developers themselves can focus on the security of their applications rather than their infrastructure.

IAE SDK and APIs Open Up the Platform

APIs and SDKs are simple ways that one machine can speak to another. For example,  APIs are what make iPhone or Android apps possible. IAE will be creating its APIs that will provide government-to-government and public-to-government access to award information, as appropriate to their level of access. 
An IAE software development kit (SDK) and application programming interfaces (APIs) will enable federal and private organizations to jump start development of IAE applications. In fact, these organizations may learn how to use APIs to build custom solutions with certain IAE system data by visiting the openIAE GitHub site. (Note: This link goes to a nongovernment website). We hope to see applications out there using our data - our SAM API already is being used both by private business and the government.
Along with integration, APIs provide easier access to data for contractors, partners, and everyday citizens who can use it to gain a deeper transparency into award management.

Agile Programming & DevOps Speed IAE Development & Deployment

The IAE is moving away from the legacy of long-term and expensive federal government software development projects. Agile development and DevOps will better serve the future needs of the award management community.
Our developers are adopting agile development practices to iterate on new features and deploy them to the IAE production systems under aggressive timelines. At the conclusion of a two-week development sprint, IAE developers can open up features for internal customers and then integrate the customer feedback into the feature during the next sprint.
DevOps is driving positive cultural changes to IAE’s development and operations organizations. Adopting DevOps means better communication and collaboration between our internal teams. The IAE platform also takes advantage of various technology integrations and automation to streamline platform operations.

IAE’s Future Success

The award management community will be able to use the IAE to gain transparency into a growing amount of federal government award management data they can use to be even more successful in their business and operational pursuits.
IAE is setting the future technological course for how government contractors, grant recipients, and partners are going to do business with the United States federal government. By embracing open source technologies, the cloud, and innovative APIs, IAE is going to become a preeminent online hub for the growing and ever competitive award management community.
What is your technology wish list for IAE in the future?

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The Integrated Award Environment (IAE) is a government-wide initiative administered by GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). We manage the suite... More

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