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Known Issue: Status of Station Outages

As discussed in the June User Group meeting on June 12, we have made good progress in resolving several VPN issues with Fixed Credentialing Units (FCUs).

The “Domain not specified” message that appears with a green FCU VPN has been resolved for most stations. It can still occur when an Agency is experiencing slowness in its local networks, as the Windows 10 Operating System (OS) on the FCUs can take longer to authenticate than the previous OS on fixed workstations (Windows 7). If a Registrar or Activator receives this “Domain not specified” message when rebooting an FCU, please wait for a couple of minutes after the workstation reboot before logging in with a PIV card.

We are currently still working with several sites with a red FCU VPN. We have found this often is due to the Agency having provided an incorrect IP address in the Agency SET worksheet to the MSO. Our vendor, Perspecta, uses this information to configure the new 891 routers included with the FCU. To resolve this issue, Perspecta must have both the old fixed VPN (5505) and the new VPN (891) shipped back to the company so they can compare IP addresses, reconfigure the device, and ship it back to the site. Please work with the MSO to resolve any IP address concerns to help us configure the devices correctly before they ship out. We appreciate your patience.


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