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Keeping in Touch with the OASIS Team

This week I’d like to cycle back to the theme of Communications. If you’ve been paying attention to our announcements here, you will know that we recently posted details about our Information Forums at GSA Expo. I’d like to provide you all a little more insight into the nature of those sessions. GSA Expo will be held in San Antonio, TX from May 15 thru May 17. GSA Expo provides extensive training opportunities to federal, state, and local government employees and military members as well as showcases the wide variety of goods and services available on GSA contract vehicles. 

Our OASIS Information Forums are scheduled for Monday afternoon, before the official Tuesday start of Expo, and Thursday morning. With so much going on at Expo, we wanted to make sure that all interested parties would have an opportunity to come and learn more about OASIS.  Each session will consist of a brief presentation providing an overview of the OASIS program.  The presentation will likely be very similar to the one I used at the Coalition for Government Procurement’s (CGP) Spring Conference, which I've pasted below.  The rest of the session is designed to provide a more informal setting for interested customers and industry partners to meet the OASIS Team.  We will have a number of folks who are supporting OASIS sitting at tables ready to meet folks and discuss the OASIS program.  We will be there the entire length of each session, but we expect that visitors will come and go throughout that time period, so don’t worry if you can’t make it right at the start. Come on by whenever your schedule allows during the session.  As always, we’ll post whatever presentation we use here on Interact as well as a brief review of the sessions. 

On the same notion of Communications, one issue that was raised during the CGP conference was the reluctance of some industry partners to post their opinions or concerns on a public forum like Interact.  While transparency is one of our goals, we certainly understand that some interested parties may not want to share their ideas with potential competitors. Thus, I’d like to remind you all that you can email us in the OASIS Program directly at integrated.services@gsa.gov.  Emails sent to this box will not be shared outside of GSA and are reviewed by the team on a regular basis. If you have ideas or concerns that you’d like to share with us, but are hesitant to post on Interact, please use this mailbox.  We really do want to hear from anyone and everyone with an interest in OASIS.





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