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Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

Hello everyone and welcome (back) to the newly-christened OASIS blog. Thank you for all the great feedback on our new name! I hope you are all as excited by it as we are here. 

As I mentioned in my introductory blog post, communications will be a vital component to the success of the OASIS program. It is my job to ensure that all of our many stakeholders have the information that they need at each stage of the OASIS acquisition and to provide many varied channels both to disseminate that information and to collect feedback from all interested parties. One thing that is making my job much easier this time around is that we have so many tools at our disposal to communicate. I thought I would spend some time this week discussing those channels of communication and asking you all to share your thoughts on how we can best communicate about our program.

For me personally, there is no better means of communication than direct interaction, face to face. Unfortunately, our busy schedules do not always allow for as much of this as I would like. I’ve gotten many requests from individual companies to meet and learn about their particular capabilities, but there simply is not enough time in the schedule to allow for this in a way that would be fair to everyone. Instead, we’ll be doing direct outreach through a variety of events, either sponsored by various industry associations or through larger forums such as GSA Expo. We’ll be sure to publicize these events here on Interact, so stay tuned!  We will also be convening meetings with our customers to ensure that we’re working closely together to capture their requirements. 

This Interact site serves as the second major forum for communications. In addition to regular blog postings, we have a vibrant discussion board where we will be posting questions about various topics and soliciting feedback from customers, industry, and other interested parties. This allows us to gather a great deal of information in a transparent way that we can reference easily over time. I encourage you to participate actively in this community, as we will be closely monitoring the discussions here and using them to help shape the acquisition moving forward.

In addition to public appearances and the Interact site, I’m excited to use many of the new social media to share information. We’re thinking of starting a Twitter feed, which we would use to provide frequent updates on our progress. We have used webinars and posted videos before and I expect we will continue to use those tools in the future. 

As you can see, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to better communicate. Now, I’d like to ask you what suggestions you have. Are there any useful tools or communications methods I’ve missed? How much communication do you want? What do you want to know and when? Our goal is to give all interested parties a way to weigh in with their thoughts, suggestions, and questions in a way that’s fair to all.

Comment and let us know! 


Jim Ghiloni, Director of OASIS

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