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JanSan FSSI Requisition Channel Draft RFQ for Comment

Hello Industry Partners,


Earlier this year, General Services Administration (GSA) asked for your comments to a draft Request For Quote (RFQ) for the Janitorial and Sanitation (JanSan) Requisition Channel. Your feedback to this draft and our earlier Requests for Information (RFIs) resulted in several changes that have been incorporated into an updated draft RFQ.  


Changes include:

  • A proposed update to the Market Basket (as posted on GSA Interact August 17, 2015)

  • Reorganizing the National Stock Numbers (NSNs) into seven (7) categories to promote competition and small business participation

  • Establishment of a single Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for West CONUSs/OCONUS and East CONUS/OCONUScoverage for each category

  • Evaluation based on Best value (FAR 2.101)

  • Section 19, Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan, an agreement to ensure a quality, continuous source of supply


BPAs will only be established with Federal Supply Schedule contract holders who respond to the RFQ (# to be determined) through the eBuy system, and who are holders of the applicable Special Item Numbers (SINs).


The terms and conditions of the underlying Schedule contract will be incorporated into this Blanket Purchase Agreement. The BPA will establish unique terms and conditions for performance that augment the schedule terms and conditions.


All items quoted must be awarded on the underlying schedule contract with applicable special item numbers prior to the closing of the final Request for Quote.   


The JanSan Team will accept comments until September 4, 2015.  The Draft RFQ can be found at: www.ebuy.gsa.gov, under “Sources Sought” posting number RFQ103758.  To comment, please sign into your Interact profile and post a reply on the Interact site or send an email to fssi.jansan-req@gsa.gov. Comments may also be submitted formally through eBuy.


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