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IWACenter Sustainability Roundtable


GSA’s IWAC Team Hosts Sustainability Roundtable Discussion With Industry Partners

Recently, the Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC) hosted a sustainability roundtable discussion where various industry partners shared their best sustainability practices.

The companies that attended offer products and services from the following commodity areas: furniture, furnishings, technologies and electronics, and sports and recreation.  They discussed their success in various categories:


  • Waste Prevention

    • Reductions of wastes through changes in design, manufacturing, use of materials, amount of toxicity

  • Recycling

    • Activities that help recover materials from the waste stream through outreach, collection, separation, re-use

  • Affirmative Procurement

    • Effective and innovative programs for the purchase and use of recovered materials

  • Environmental Preferability

    • Use or products/services which reduce adverse impacts on human health and the environment, process improvements and testing that result in environmental benefits

  • Model Facility

    • Environmental stewardship through leadership, investment in resources, change in culture

GSA works hand-in-hand with industry partners to reduce the environmental impact of the federal government, eliminate their carbon footprint and provide federal agencies with the most sustainable products and services available.

Visit our Green Overview page at gsa.gov for more information!

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