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Integrations Update: You have questions? We have answers!

Welcome back to the Integrations blog!

GSA received some questions regarding the program that we'd like to answer publicly so that everyone has the same information:

1. How is the planned scope (IT + professional services) different than the Consolidated Schedule 00CORP or what you can do now across existing Schedules with contractor teaming arrangements?


Let me first correct the assumption in the question. This is not primarily an Information Technology (IT) vehicle. The anticipated scope of Integrations is for complex, integrated professional services with a support IT component. The anticipated principal service disciplines include program management and consulting services, professional engineering services, logistics services and financial services. Integrations is expected to be a hybrid vehicle (commercial and non-commercial) and allow for all contract types at the task order level. Additionally, it is expected to offer total solutions.

The new vehicle will be a multiple award multi-agency task and delivery order contract. It is more like a Multiple Award Contract or a GWAC than a Multiple Award Schedule.

The Consolidated Multiple Award Schedule is a schedule which brings together the best of the professional services schedules into one vehicle.

2. Both commercial and non-commercial services on the same contract? (So you have two solicitations, one in Uniform Contract Format for the non-commercial services and another one an SF1449 with Part 12 clauses for the commercial services?) How do you handle mixing both commercial and non-commercial on the same contract when the applicable FAR clauses are entirely different (and contradictory). How is this permitted under the FAR when the CO determination of commerciality determines not only the required clauses but the procedures to be used?


The Integrations master multi-agency, multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity task and delivery order solicitation will likely be issued using the Uniform Contract Format, a format authorized by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) for commercial and non-commercial contracts. While FAR Part 12 recommends another format for commercial contracts, it does not prohibit the use of the Uniform Contract Format.

The FAR prescribes the use of each clause and identifies the contract type under which it applies. All relevant clauses are expected to be included in the solicitation. A comprehensive clause matrix that identifies the use of each clause is likely to be included in the solicitation.

The CO at the task order level will be required to determine the commerciality of their requirement and identify the contract type. The appropriate clauses, identified in the clause matrix, would apply at the task order level.

3. I assume cost-reimbursement is only for the non-commercial services, since cost-type orders are not a permitted commercial contract type under the FAR.



4. Is this a GSA Multiple Award Schedule or a contract awarded outside the Schedule program?


Integrations is not a Multiple Award Schedule.



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