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Integrations Gets the "Go Ahead" from FAS Commissioner Kempf

FAS Commissioner Steven Kempf signed the internal business case for this program which provides the ‘go ahead’ for the development of what we believe will be a groundbreaking approach to the way government acquires complex, integrated professional services, with supporting IT components.

Over the coming weeks and months we will:

1. Establish a name for this program. Thanks to the many of you that have already provided your ideas and input.

2. Allocate resources. This is an enterprise-wide initiative. FAS’ Office of General Supplies and Services, Office of Information Technology Services, Office of Assisted Acquisition Services, Regions 7 and 10 and others are collaborating to ensure this vehicle meets the needs of customers across the government space. Last week, representatives from all of these GSA components met to further discuss next steps.

3. Finalize and post the OMB business case to MAX. OMB’s MAX provides agencies across the government an opportunity to review and comment upon the business case. We believe this action will increase buy-in government-wide and result in early adoption of the new vehicle. We plan to take this step next quarter.

4. Finalize milestones. We recognize that you are as excited about this initiative as we are. We also know that you need to have a project schedule so that you are positioned to successfully respond to government requirements. As soon as we can, we will post a schedule and will make every effort to meet the established timelines we set out.

5. Establish a customer working group from across government. This ensures the voice of the customer is reflected in every aspect of this acquisition. These discussions may take three to four months.

6. Post draft documents for industry feedback. These documents will be posted in parallel with the customer working group sessions.

Some of the benefits to be derived through this process are:

1. Gaining agency buy-in and, thereby, reducing the proliferation of contract vehicles in the Federal government.

2. Allowing industry partners to focus their resources better.

3. Listening to the needs of our customers and making it easier for industry to serve the Federal government.

FAS is committed to making the process as transparent as possible. In the coming weeks, information critical to your participation will be posted here. Thanks again for your interest. Stay tuned!


Have you missed my other blog posts? No problem! Click here to join the conversation! Also, Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Integrated Technology Services will serve as a spokesperson for the FAS-wide Integrations team. Please visit her blog Great Government through Technology and leave your thoughts on this new effort.

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