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Between August 3rd and 4th, 2015, GSA refreshed the following solicitations in preparation for instituting the new Professional Services Schedule (PSS):

  • Professional Engineering Services - TFTP-MC-990871-B
  • Language Services - TFTP-GC-017382-B
  • Financial and Business Solutions -FCXB-F4-020002-B
  • Consolidated Services - FCO-00CORP-0000C
  • MOBIS - TFTP-MC-000874-B
  • Environmental Services - TFTP-EW-990899-B
  • LOGWORLD - TFTP-MB-008745-B
  • AIMS - 7FCB-H2-070541-B

The reason GSA refreshed our solicitations was to generate a mandatory mass modification to all existing contractors who hold one or more of the above Schedules. The purpose of the mass modification is to provide existing Schedule contractors with guidance as we transition to the 00CORP Schedule and then re-brand 00CORP to the Professional Services Schedule. The advisory mass modification should be issued within 2-3 weeks.

Although the mass modification is mandatory for the majority of Schedule contractors, there are four scenarios under which the firm should not accept all of the mass modifications it receives:

  • The firm is an existing 00CORP contract holder (not recently migrated) with an
    individual Schedule contract affected by PSS

  • The firm holds two FABS Schedules, one of which is a set-aside contract

  • The firm is in the process of migrating to 00CORP

  • The firm has successfully migrated to 00CORP and one or more single Schedule
    contracts will be allowed to expire or cancelled at a later date due to the existence
    of BPAs

Here is the text of the mass modification:

Effective October 1, 2015, the subject contract will convert in its entirety to the Professional Services Schedule (PSS). The existing contract number, period of performance, and all awarded SINs, labor categories, services, and/or products remain in effect. The individual solicitations associated with this contract will cease to exist as of October 1, 2015.  The scope of each solicitation will be incorporated into PSS.

The solicitation associated with the new PSS will be published on or about October 1, 2015, on the FedBizOpps website.  Within 2-3 weeks of the solicitation publication, another mass modification, which will include updated clauses and SINs that are available to be awarded under the contract, will be issued.  Both this mass modification and the PSS refresh modification are considered “mandatory.” Mass modifications must be accepted as soon as possible*, but no later than 60 days following issuance.  GSA will not accept any modification requests associated with this contract, with the exception of administrative changes and price reductions, until the mass modification(s) are accepted.  

After accepting both of the mass modifications, you may request to modify your PSS contract to add or delete services/SINs.  Modification instructions will be available at www.gsa.gov/psschedule.

When you update your GSA Advantage! catalog/text files, be sure to reference the new PSS rather than the predecessor Schedule. GSA Advantage! catalog updates will occur under normal circumstances (such as after you modify your contract to add/change awarded items or prices).

Please visit the website www.gsa.gov/psschedule for further information pertaining to PSS, including news, FAQs, upcoming webinars, and resources for your firm and federal agency customers.  

*In some cases there are special circumstances that may need to be considered before accepting this mass modification.  These circumstances only apply to the four situations listed below:  

00CORP Contract Holders - if you hold a 00CORP contract and another individual Schedule contract that is affected by the PSS transition (PES, FABS, AIMS, LOGWORLD, MOBIS, Language Services, or Environmental Services) you should only accept the mass modification for the 00CORP contract.  You will need to submit a modification to the 00CORP contract to add the individual Schedule contract services to it. Special modification instructions are available at  www.gsa.gov/psschedule > For Schedule Holders > Consolidated Modification Checklist

FABS Contract Holders - if you hold two FABS contracts and one of them is a small business set aside contract, accept the mass modification on the non-set aside contract.  Instructions on how to consolidate the two FABS contracts will be communicated in early FY16.  

Migrating Contractors - if you are in the process of migrating two or more individual Schedule contracts to the 00CORP Schedule, you must continue with the migration process until it is complete. Do not accept the mass modifications associated with the individual Schedule contracts.

Migrated Contractors - if you have one or more single Schedule contracts that will be allowed to expire or will be cancelled at a later date due to the existence of ongoing BPAs, you should only accept the mass modifications for the 00CORP contract. Do not accept the mass modifications associated with the individual Schedule contract(s).

If you have questions on any of these “special circumstances,” please contact Kathy Jocoy at kathy.jocoy@gsa.gov // 253-931-7080 or Kimberly McFall at kimberly.mcfall@gsa.gov // 253-931-7277.  


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