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Industry Outreach -- We want to hear from you!

Welcome back to the Integrations blog!

Industry is very excited to engage GSA about Integrations and GSA is excited to hear what industry has to say. We very much want industry input and involvement during the development phase and will be using several forums to do so - both in person and online. There are a couple of upcoming opportunities for industry to meet with GSA folks and to provide feedback. The first will take place at Expo which will involve "speed listening sessions."  This will entail 10-15 minute sessions where industry can provide information and feedback to a member of the Integrations team. We will be posting a notice in FedBizOpps  providing registration information on a first come/first serve basis. 

Second, we will soon be reaching out to trade associations to host or participate in small group discussions with the program management office, again on a first come/first serve basis. These discussions will take place over the next few months.  

 In addition, over the course of the development of the requirements, strategy and program we will use online forums such as Wikis and blogs, etc to get additional info and enable two way communication. Industry will also have opportunities to comment on draft acquisition documents posted to FedBizOpps.

 As time progresses, we will keep you informed of these and other events by posting the information on FedBizOpps and this blog.



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<p>Lisa, any broad information at this time on what some of the big milestones might be as you move forward to publish an RFP?</p>
Integrations Blogger
<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Thank you for your interest in Integrations. First, let me correct the assumption. Integrations is not a GWAC; it is a multi-agency, multiple award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity task and delivery order contract. GWACs are for Information Technology (IT). Integrations is for complex integrated professional services with a support IT component.</p><p>Unfortunately, we have no milestones yet. Believe me, as soon as we identify milestones, we will publish them so industry can appropriately resource the effort.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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