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Increasing Your Access to Federal Opportunities

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Do you know what opportunities match your business offering?  Struggling to figure out who to market to?

The GSA forecast is a good place to start and it will be updating for the new fiscal year in a few months.  There are a lot of opportunities to market your company still available.  You can also check out the agency wide forecast.  Don't forget the projects that are ready to bid on now.  Go to the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website which has jobs starting at $25,000.
Which agency are you targeting?  Do you know if they are meeting their small business goals?
Watching agency goals will help you as well.  Federal buyers have small business goals established by the Small Business Administration.  In order to respond to these goals they must direct a percentage of their purchasing dollars through small businesses.  By watching where these agencies are falling short you can target your marketing in conjunction with the forecast and FBO.  You can also better determine who will make the best business partner to get the job done.
For example:  
GSA is short in their SDVOSB goal of 3% and you see a procurement is on the forecast or FBO for fourth quarter.  You may want to create a team with a SDVOSB as the prime to better position yourself to win the procurement.  Make sure to add an one page executive summary highlighting your strengths and your ability to help the buyer meet their agency goals.  
Sometimes buyers need a gentle reminder of the agency goals.  We will be doing the same on our end.  Working together on this will give us the best result.
This is also the best information to have researched before you go to a matchmaking event.  Never show up with a "what can you do for me" attitude.  Knowing the projects you can respond to and the poc's in charge is the most important thing you can do to prepare for a face to face meeting.  Everything in the forecast and FBO list the point of contact so no excuses.  Most agency representatives are happy to make introductions when you have done your homework and proven you can respond to the requirements.  Introductions don't guarantee you will win the opportunity but it does provide you an opportunity to market your company and make your capabilities known.
And one more thing - please don't hand capability statements out like flyers for a concert.   Ask the potential buyer if they would like a copy and offer an electronic option.  In these days of being more sustainable many of us are not interested in the paper clutter.
I hope this has helped you and I wish you the best of luck in finding the right opportunity for your company.  Don't forget to share this article to help other companies in your community.

Questions?  Please complete our customer contact form on www.gsa.gov/askosbu or provide feedback in the comments here. 
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