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Important SIN Changes Planned for MAS 736 Temporary and Administrative Professional Staffing

GSA Region 2 intends to streamline Multiple Award Schedule 736 (TEMP HELP) by consolidating the current SIN offerings into TWO (2) primary SINs. One SIN will have a pricing model based upon Wage Grade Service Contract Acts rates; the second SIN will have a pricing model based upon Professional Labor Rates.  The scope is enhanced to include ALL DOL Wage Grade Occupations defined by 25 SCA Categories in the Fifth Edition of the SCA Directory of Occupations.

The changes reflect Human Capital Management Category goals by reducing contract redundancy, enabling Customer Agencies to better identify part time temporary hiring categories while affording Best Value low cost, exceptional past performance. Vendors will have better exposure and will be able to separate Wage Grade from Professional labor rates.

The changes incorporate the statutory requirements under 5 CFR 300.503 to further clarify the scope, justification and duration of temporary hiring.

To further assist customers, GSA R2 will issue a new “Ordering Guide” which should dispel many misconceptions about temporary hiring. The Ordering Guide addresses such issues as DOL Wage Grade minimum benefits, exceptions, recruiting, OCONUS provisions, pricing models, negotiations at the Task Order Level, etc.

The Solicitation updates should facilitate easier eOffer preparation while fostering a better understanding of the rules and regulations governing utilization of the Temp Help Schedule.

The enhancements to Schedule 736 are scheduled to be implemented Jan-Feb 2018.  The DOL Categories that will define each SIN are as follows:

  1. Administrative Support and  Clerical Occupations
  2. Automotive Service Occupations
  3. Automotive Service Occupations (Retail)
  4. Food Preparation and Service Occupations
  5. Forestry and Logging Occupations
  6. Furniture and Maintenance Repair Occupations
  7. General Services and Support Occupations
  8. Health Occupations
  9. Information and Arts Occupations
  10. Information Technology Occupations
  11. Instructional Occupations
  12. Laundry, Dry-Cleaning, Pressing and Related Occupations
  13. Machine Tool Operation and Repair Occupations
  14. Materials Handling and Packing Occupations
  15. Mechanics and Maintenance Repair Occupations
  16. Personal Needs Occupations
  17. Plant and System Operations Occupations
  18. Protective Service Occupations
  19. Recreation Occupations
  20. Stevedoring/Longshoremen Occupational Services
  21. Technical Occupations
  22. Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation Occupations
  23. Water Transportation Occupations
  24. Wildlife Management and Animal Care Occupations
  25. Miscellaneous Occupations

GSA asks that you provide any comments to our proposed changes in the ‘Comments’ section below.  Please consider the following questions in your responses, as well:

a. How would the proposed changes impact (negatively or positively) how vendors and/or customers use Schedule 736?

b. Would creating an unrestricted SIN be useful to customers?

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