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IAE's Plans for the New 2018 Fiscal Year!

Greetings and happy New (fiscal) Year to all our readers and interested stakeholders who have followed the IAE Interact through the years! At the Integrated Award Environment (IAE), we are filled with anticipation for a successful and exciting fiscal year 2018, during which we will continue to build on the foundation we laid in 2017.


As many of you are already aware, we recently launched the new modernization environment – what we are calling beta.SAM.gov at the end of 2017.


In many ways, putting beta.SAM.gov online was the culmination of significant behind-the-scenes work to get the system to a place where it is today: you can search across all of our data sets; you can register for your own account; and you can access the help center, among other things.  


In 2018, IAE will begin to migrate the original websites into beta.SAM.gov and will begin to retire the original sites one-at-a-time. Users will be provided with plenty of advanced notice and support prior to every website being retired.


We recognize that Interact has been a little quiet as we prepared beta.SAM.gov. Now that the website is open to the public, the Interact team will regularly return to keep you updated on the latest news on the modernization effort, as well as everything else going on in the IAE.


Please remember, the IAE Interact blog is a two-way conversation! Feel free to respond to posts, ask questions, and provide input on our progress and how the beta site is working for you.


Look for more information, right here in this spot, coming soon!


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