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IAE Wants Your Feedback

Thank you to the over 200 people who attended our first Industry Meeting on December 18th.  We appreciated the dialog on IAE’s future vision and your feedback on the architectural principles that will guide its development. 

We continue to actively focus on the requirements for common services and technical governance, which will be the subject of an upcoming blog post. To support this work, we ask that you continue the dialog and make your voices heard.

We hope you will continue to participate in our industry outreach events and we look forward to our next live conversation, which will be a virtual meeting on IAE's target conceptual architecture. This session will take place on April 7, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. EST. Registration details to follow soon. 

In the meantime, I have three key BIG questions I am very interested in your feedback.

1. We plan to be agile in our management and development of the future environment. What best practices and pitfalls should we address? And are there contract clauses and documents already out there to help us?

2. We are developing user personas to help design a highly user centric experience. What communities of users exist and what types of users might we forget to identify? Remember we are looking at the full suite of IAE functionalities and not just those contained in SAM. So think, past performance, opportunities, subcontracting, procurement data, etc….

3. As we present the conceptual architecture, we're interested in hearing about value-added components that we may have missed. How can we be as open as possible?

As a reminder for those that attended the first session (and as an overview for those unable to attend), here is a recap of the main points:

Our combined team from the Office of the Chief Information Officer and the Federal Acquisition Service shared the progress in stabilizing the program and presented key statistics around the System for Award Management (SAM). Including increased registration speed (today averaging just two days from submission to completion) as well as improved systems availability, augmented customer service and an enhanced security process.

Looking towards the future, GSA considered three possible approaches and in conjunction with OMB and the Acquisition Committee For e-Government (ACE), decided to adopt an open and user-centric environment that extracts common requirements from the existing SAM for pre-Award and post-Award processes, providing common services to users and systems throughout. The expected benefits of this approach include:

-       Increased transparency of data;

-       Enhanced availability and accuracy of data through the entire federal award process;

-       Encouraged use of third party APIs to provide robust accessibility experiences and tools tailored to specific users; and

-       Improved user experience.

Moving into the future state, IAE has designed a set of principles to serve as guideposts in making decisions about contracting, business processes, architecture and planning. These principles include: open (source code, data, APIs), data as an asset, continuous improvement, effective user experience, measurable transactions, security is foundational, and build value over maintaining status quo. More information about these principles can be found in the session presentation deck.

Please let me know if you have any questions and keep the feedback coming!  Based on user comments, we will post FAQs to Interact weekly so check back frequently.


Director, IAE Outreach and Stakeholder Management


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