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IAE Transitions CFDA.gov into beta.SAM.gov

Readers of this space by now are well aware that the Integrated Award Environment (IAE) has been working to bring you the new beta.SAM.gov. You may remember that back in October of 2017, we soft-launched beta.SAM.gov as a test site and we’ve been focusing on your feedback. We’ve been working with many of you since the launch, and we thank all of you for your participation, suggestions, and comments.

With that solid background in place, on May 25 we transitioned the first of our 10 systems (what we call legacy systems) into beta.SAM.gov. Everything you used to do in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA.gov) can now be done in beta.SAM.gov. Anybody who goes to CFDA.gov will be redirected to beta.SAM.gov.  

This marks a major step forward in our goal to migrate all of the IAE systems into beta.SAM.gov. Don’t forget that once the current (or legacy) SAM.gov makes the transition, the “beta” moniker will drop off the new site, and it will forevermore be known simply as SAM.gov.

When we migrated over the functions of CFDA, we made significant improvements. In the case of CFDA, we:

  • Improved the overall search engine and keyword search
  • Enhanced the search summary, now provided directly in the search results
  • Enabled advanced search filtering, enabling search by “active only” or by department/agency, among others
  • Created a funded/not funded indicator that allows users to quickly identify funded listings
  • Made it easier to read financial information section with a bar graph and table
  • Improved the history section
  • Added links to respective opportunities on Grants.gov
  • Revised roles and improved administrative functionality
  • Made role migration significantly easier

Users can get information and guidance about the new assistance listings functions by visiting the Learning Center on beta.SAM.gov.

For more information about the overall evolution of beta.SAM.gov, stay tuned to IAE’s Interact section or visit GSA.gov/IAE. You also can watch a short video about the CFDA transition here.



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