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IAE is Seeking Volunteers for API Testing

The Integrated Award Environment (IAE) is in the process of merging ten legacy systems into a singular beta.SAM.gov. Among those legacy systems is Federal Business Opportunities (FBO). Eventually, the functionality from FBO.gov will be available in beta.SAM.gov as Contract Opportunities.     


We are seeking volunteers to try out and provide feedback on beta.SAM.gov public opportunities (FBO) Application Program Interface (API). This is an addition to the extracts already available.

The API provides public opportunities (FBO) data in a format that is easy for other systems/applications to ingest. APIs allow computers to exchange pre-formatted data so that human intervention is not required.

Those looking to participate in testing can email newSAMtesting@gsa.gov by May 25th. Provide your company name, the email address of any proposed testers and why you’re interested in the API.


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The IAE environment is designed to transition multiple, stove-piped applications into an integrated workforce tool set for awards management across... More

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