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The IAE Move to Open Source

The IAE move to open source brings a number of benefits including reduced vendor lock-in and taxpayer cost savings.



Federal government information technology (IT) projects have been notorious for their vendor proprietary technologies. That became a source of cost overruns and vendor dependencies that weren’t in the taxpayer’s best interests. The Integrated Award Environment (IAE) joins the rest of the General Services Administration and other federal agencies in the move from proprietary to open source technologies.


Going open source offers the following benefits to IAE:

  • Reduced vendor lock-in for technologies lessening our dependency on a particular contractor or technology vendor.

  • The ability to keep pace with the latest technologies that commercial websites are implementing.

  • Cost savings for taxpayers because IAE won’t be locked into expensive software licensing

OpenIAE: IAE’s Growing Open Source Initiative

To understand open source and IAE, the best place to start is with OpenIAE, our open source initiative.  We also are open sourcing our APIs and other components to enable the award management community to develop innovative applications based on IAE data.

Our IAE technology team has assembled:

  • IAE Architecture Repository for the architecture, design, and code artifacts required for understanding the functional IAE definition, design, and ultimate technical implementation

  • SAM API Documentation Repository offering developers documentation for using the IAE System for Award Management (SAM) application programming interface (API)

There also are developer resources planned and in development that will provide data and resources to help kickstart IAE-centric development projects in the award management community.

Open Source is the Future of IAE Technology

The IAE development team is following the GSA open source framework guidelines as we build the IAE platform. IAE going open source has been a gradual and iterative process.

According to Navin Vembar, director of IT, IAE developers are working with GSA security to establish a security baseline before we officially open source the IAE platform and open it up to a developer community. The goal is and always has been to open up the IAE platform as a true open source initiative.

Look for future posts about IAE’s road to going open source here on Interact in the upcoming months.

What open source contributions do you want to see from IAE?


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